Coping with Loss and Grief

Letters from Madelyn – Chapter 8
“Remembering Old Glory”

Caregiver remembers a happier time

There is nothing simple about coping with loss and grief as a caregiver. Unfortunately,they become unwelcome but persistent companions when you are caring for someone who has a progressive and degenerative disease. You are constantly having to adapt to ongoing losses and changes. You go through a period of adjustment and you grieve each loss as it occurs. You come to accept your “new normal”, and you think you’re getting along just fine until something happens that reminds you of what life used to be like, and then the losses hit you like a ball bat between the eyes.

Everyone expects a person to grieve when a loved one dies. What a lot of people don’t understand is that the grief we experience while someone is still alive can be every bit as painful.

In this excerpt from my book, “Letters from Madelyn” my parents receive an invitation to an event that reminds Mom of who Dad had been before the stroke. Her feelings of loss and grief overwhelm her. Mom coped with her emotions by writing letters to me.

If you’re experiencing caregiver loss and grief, I hope you’ll find a safe place to vent. Join a support group. Call a trusted friend. Seek professional counseling, or contact your clergy. The important thing is to acknowledge that your feelings are real and extraordinarily painful. Sharing your pain won’t make it go away, but it make may it a little easier to bear.

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